Sweetie Candy Vigilante Volume 2 Issue #3 METAL Cover E Incentive Ivan Tao Virgin

Sweetie Candy Vigilante Volume 2 Issue #3 METAL Cover E Incentive Ivan Tao Virgin

Sweetie Candy Vigilante Volume 2 Issue #3 METAL Cover E Incentive Ivan Tao Virgin

$ 75.00 was

Sweetie Candy Vigilante Volume 2 Issue #3 METAL Cover E Incentive Ivan Tao Virgin 

Written by Suzanne Cafiero

Art by Thiago Vale

Produced by John Cafiero

Published by Dynamite Comics

Release Date 6/26/2024

This METAL AS F*CK Online Exclusive Edition of Sweetie Candy Vigilante Volume 2 Issue 3 features an actual aluminum metal cover!  The visually stunning, brilliant metal cover provides another dimension to the artwork with vibrant colors and incredible details. Utilizing a long-lasting dye-infused printing process on .020 thick aluminum, it’s the ultimate limited edition enhancement.  

Limited to only 20 pcs worldwide, this super-sweet rare variant is an online exclusive unavailable anywhere else!


Is Pixie questioning a life of candy carnage? Are things all GOOD with Sweetie’s resident ninjette? Is she acting BAD in the name of GOOD? What’s really on her mind as she gazes into the halo of the Strawberry Ice Moon deep in thought? Moon-light on that and more will be shed…

Sweetie calls a company SWEET MEET to update Candy Wolf, Pixie, Hansel and Gretel, Peter Cottontail, Jack Rabbit, and Honey B., (with Gummee Bear and Tinsel joining on video conference), about the GOOD news that business is growing faster than imagined, and plans for the “Fortress of Sweetness” are nearing completion. That’s just Hatchy Milatchy! Soon, the entire world will know the name Sweetie Candy Vigilante! 

Also on the agenda, and topping Sweetie’s NAUGHTY LIST, is salty nemesis Bart Volgare. Still reeling from the “Sugartown Showdown,” he confides to his girlfriend that Sweetie’s “fairy tale wash-ups” (as he calls them) wiped out his entire A-Team, leaving him and his now disfigured henchman SUV as the sole survivors. SUV is literally speechless and scarred with a twisted grin on his face, unable to mutter a single word. He’s seen some sh*t!

Turns out Bart’s main squeeze is a high-profile member of the news media, and he’s got a scheme to expose Sweetie on live TV for being more than what she may appear to be on her sugary surface. Tales of bullet eating ice crystal skulls made from magical snow, exploding jellybeans and grenade easter eggs leave his sanity, or at least his sobriety, in question.

The NYPD learns two mysterious uninhabited islands, long since considered abandoned and dangerous, and within eyeshot of NYC’s notorious jail, “Rikers Island,” have recently been purchased from the city by a “private buyer.”  Well, well—isn’t that NICE!?

Also includes a FREE MP3 download of the song “The Land of Hatchy Milatchy,” the new single by OSAKA POPSTAR recorded specifically for this series. 



"Like a technicolor grindhouse film ... a gory pop-color epic reminiscent of the glory days of Heavy Metal magazine and late-night cult films. “ - THE COMIC BOOK DISPATCH

"Picture Willy Wonka directed by Quentin Tarantino and you're getting warmer." - COMICAL OPINIONS